Robotics Arm Industrial Robots for Handling

Axes: 3, 6 to 15 Axis Serial or Parallel Manipulator Robots
Application: Material Handling, Welding, Painting & Coating,
Picking and Packing, Palletizing, Forming and Press Tending
Speed Reducer: Harmonic Drive RV Reducer, Planetary Gear
Pay Load: Light 0.5 Kg to Heavy 2500 Kg
System: Integrated Field Application System, Screen Software
Machining Controller: AC/DC Drives Cabinet Servo Motor

Robotics Arm Industrial Robots Material Handling Welding Robots

In the Context of New Industrial Revolution Industry 4.0, Smart Manufacturing Smart Factory are highlighted by Many Countries and Enterprises. Intelligent Robots and Automatic Equipment are Adopted. Advantages for Man Machine Substitution or Co-exist Collaborative Work:
Increased Productivity, Higher Reliability and Efficiency, High Flexible Manufacturing
Visual Tracking or Inspection, Less Down Time, Cost Down
Multiple Range of Industry Applications:
- Robotics Arm Industrial Robots for General Material Handling, Welding and Assembly
- Arc Welding Spot Welding Robot, Forming Press Tending, Painting, Finishing & Polishing
- Picking Work-pieces and Packing, Loading and Unloading, Palletizing, Logistics Warehouse
- SCARA and AGV Robots for Work-piece Picking or Material Mobile Handling

Robotics Arm Industrial Robots Material Handling Arc Welding Robots

Categories and Specifications of Industrial Robots :

Robot Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 Item 5
Types Vertical Articulated Robots Horizontal Coordinated Robots
Serial Parallel Manipulator SCARA Cartesian Cylindrical
Motion S Axis L Axis / U Axis E Axis R Axis T Axis
Usage Handling Welding Painting Assembly Palletizing Packaging

* Axis Motion Ranges : S - Turning, L - Lower, U - Upper, E - Elbow, R - Wrist, T - ‎Wrist
* AGV Robots : Automatic Guided Vehicles‎ for Mobile Delivery

Robotics Articulated Robots for Material Handling Welding Palletizing

• Versatile Ranges of Robots with Our Robotic Integrated Systems for All Industries Application and Custom Solutions Include: Material Handling, Welding, Machine Tending, Picking and Packing, Automotive Painting Coating & Finishing, High-precision Assembly
• Expertise Teams in Industrial Automation and Factory Work-cells Automation, Autonomous Robotic Manipulation–Software, Programming and Outfitting, Machine Interface

Robotics Arm Industrial Robots Material Handling Welding SCARA AGV Robots Drive Servo

• Quick Change Chucks and Parts, Interchangeable Robotic Kits:
- Mechanical Arms, Controllers System - AC/DC Servo Motors, Speed Reducer Drive System - Harmonic Drive RV Reducer Planetary Gear, Servo Controller, Motors, Rotary Systems Actuators(AC Servomotors) / Linear Systems Actuators (DC Servomotors)
Parts Please See: Robotic Change Parts