About Us

Ro-Row Wong Chain is a well know company with business map all over the world,

supplying large range of conveyor chain belts as well as solutions for various industries, including Food, Beverages, Dairy Milk, Beer, Edible Olive Oil, Soybean Oil, Cooking Vegetable Oil, Agriculture, Fruits Washing Sorting Grading, Pasteurizing Packaging Machinery, Bottling Canning Filling, Labeling, etc.

As a key Table Top Chain Conveyors Manufacturer, Plus Modular Belts and Components, RRW Chain is your right reliable and winning choice. We are ready and able to satisfy your conveying needs with timely response, high standard products and services.

Why Us - Our Capabilities and Advantages

Full Production Line for Plastic Parts with Injection Mold Machinery
- Molding Parts of Plastic Chains, Modular Belts, Gears, Components

Solid Gear Sprockets, Idler Wheels Milling Machining


Table Top Stainless Steel Metal Chains 812 802 881



HDPE Corner Curve Tracks Processing


Bottle Infeed Filling Screws, Custom Made to Orders



Strict Quality and Process Control